Month: September 2017


A wander through the Victorian-era Spencer Mansion of the Art Gallery will inevitably lead you to an encounter with Iain […]

Water Work Space

Join us as we explore issues related to the vast and mighty topic that is WATER. Water as a resource; water as a conduit of trade, exchange, and colonization; water and climate change. The AGGV’s upcoming Water Work Space exhibition functions much like a Research and Development Department – part workshop, part exhibition space.

Barry Till Tells All

As Barry Till recently announced his retirement as the Curator of Asian Arts, AGGV staff had some burning questions about […]

A Fruitful Life: Symbolism in Art

Audrey Wang, AGGV Volunteer In Christian iconography, the apple symbolizes Original Sin, the fall of man and temptation. In Chinese […]

A Chinese Artist in Victoria

By Audrey Wang, AGGV Volunteer August in the Gallery kicked off with a well-attended Curator’s Tour led by Haema Sivanesan, […]