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The brutal killing of Mahsa (Jina) Amini by the “Morality Police” over “improper hijab” sparked strong protests by Iranians all over the world. These protests soon grew into a women-led revolutionary movement for freedom in Iran. Its slogan, “Zan – Zendegi – Azadi,” which translates to “Woman, Life, Freedom,” has been a recurrent theme in many art pieces created over the past few months to express the disdain towards the regime and to raise international awareness.


By Hilary Potosnak, Tours Coordinator

If you have spent any amount of time in the lobby of the AGGV over the past four months chances are you heard someone say, “I’m here to see Maud.” “Maud” of course is referring to Maud Lewis. Hundreds of visitors have come to the gallery to experience the amazing work of Nova Scotia artist Maud Lewis since it opened in June 2022. From her charming oxen to her engaging seascapes, the paintings of Maud Lewis have filled our galleries with an energy that was wonderful to see.

Exceptional Local Artists Embrace Change

By Karen Cooper, Art Rental & Sales Consultant

With September bringing the winds of change, we start to feel something in the air. The sky is somehow bluer, the leaves begin to turn, and the breeze becomes a bit cooler. For many of us, these sensations evoke all those memories from the first day of school: anticipation, nervousness, excitement, longing, and possibility.