Month: June 2019

Special Guests at Family Sunday

Family Sunday gives the AGGV a chance to showcase current exhibitions to young visitors and their families through hands-on activities. It also allows us to collaborate with some amazing community members who have so much to share, through their vocation, life experiences and vibrant personalities.

What Artists Bring to the Table

By Regan Shrumm, AGGV Assistant Curator

What Artists Bring to the Table gives individuals a chance to actually take part in non-traditional art practices, and explore how art can intersect with all forms of life.

Pho is for Goodbye

By Y Vy Truong, Guest Writer

My mom doesn’t talk much about what it was like to grow up in Vietnam anymore, and I’ve come to accept that this is a part of our history.

Artist In Our Collection: Walter J. Phillips

Phillips’ work was greatly influenced by his surroundings, first in Manitoba, then in Alberta. The landscapes of these provinces – prairie and mountain views – dominate his oeuvre, which of course also included landscapes of his home country of England and places he visited on his travels.

Blue Skies: Megan Dickie

Opening at the Gallery in June is a body of new work by Victoria-based artist Megan Dickie. Blue Skies features video and sculpture installation that resist easy interpretations.

Minimalism in Singapore: Experiencing More of Less

By Audrey Wang, AGGV Volunteer

The exhibition Minimalism: Space. Light. Object. featured more than 150 works by artists from Europe, America, Australia and Asia, with the intention to document the history of this art movement that continues to inform the visual arts and contemporary practitioners today.

Say What? Art Terms For Beginners, Part 9

Abstraction in art is a visual language that uses line, colour, form and composition that are non-representational or independent to a certain degree of any reference to the world.

Open Doors To Art

By Hilary Potosnak, AGGV Exhibition Facilitator

“Open Doors to Art” is a new recurring program that I am running at your Art Gallery of Greater Victoria (AGGV). The intention of the series is to clear away inhibitions and help expand the public’s experiences with the art on display by offering everyone a memorable and engaging experience with the works.

A Generous Donation for The NEXT Gallery

The late Canadian artist and art educator Anthony Thorn (1927-2014) loved the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria from the moment he stepped foot into the Gallery more than 30 years ago.

Heart and Soul: New Works by Sandhu Singh

Sandhu Singh has been a long-time friend of the Art Rental and Sales Program at the AGGV, and this collaboration was celebrated at the opening of his exhibition at the Massey Sales Gallery in early April.

Encounter: Exploring & Art-Making at the AGGV

Encounter is a quarterly event developed by the AGGV Education Department to enhance learning and social opportunities for adults who love art and love talking about art. Participants discover new ideas and connections to art and through art, within the context of an exhibition on show at the Gallery.