Month: September 2019

Art and Activism: Q&A with Persimmon Blackbridge

Persimmon Blackbridge is an innovative Canadian artist, writer, and activist, who rocked Vancouver in the early 80’s with ground-breaking works exploring lesbian sexual politics, disability culture and mental health.

Listener in Residence

By Regan Shrumm, AGGV Assistant Curator

Listener-in-Residence is a collaborative project between the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria and the Luther Court Society, a non-profit society that cares for 120 seniors through subsidized independent suites, home support, assisted living, and long-term care. It is a four-month artist residency featuring emerging Victoria-based artist Libby Oliver.

Say What? Art Terms For Beginners, Part 10

Art conservation and restoration terms are revealed in this installment of Art Terms. But first, you may question what the difference is between conservation and restoration.

Transforming Your Life Through Words

By Danielle Pope

To me, writing — like so many art forms — is where imagination and creativity find themselves at a junction with the body. The mind unfurls storylines and possibilities, beautiful sentences and striking imagery, while the heart skips a beat when just the right word is chosen; a lump grows in the throat when a line strikes with might.

Artist In Our Collection: Paraskeva Clark

The AGGV is honoured to have in its collection a painting by the prominent female artist Paraskeva Clark. Executed in 1948, the watercolour depicts one of the artist’s favourite summer locales of Georgian Bay. It also marks a period of proliferation in her artistic output when her travels to nearby scenic spots allowed her to paint more landscapes.

Birdwatching in the AGGV Collection

Calling all you birders! Not only can birdwatching be done through binoculars or telescopes, by listening for bird sounds or watching public webcams, but it can also be done through browsing the AGGV collection with a naked eye. Can you guess what kind of birds are depicted below?

Alistair Bell’s West Coast Imagery

The maritime history of the Pacific Northwest and the connection to these waters endure in the cities and towns along the coasts, and there are an endless amount of artworks through the centuries that celebrate the culture of seafaring in these parts.

Art as a Spiritual Practice: Q&A with Dylan Thomas

By Marina DiMaio, AGGV Curatorial Assistant

Dylan Thomas’s work has been deeply influenced by a lifelong passion for Northwest Coast art, as well as, Vajrayana Buddhist mandalas, Celtic knots, Islamic tessellations, and many other ancient geometric art traditions.