We are excited to welcome new Art Rental and Sales Coordinator, Erin Cooper to the AGGV team! Get to know Erin a little better in this interview by AGGV Art Rental and Sales Consultant, Karen Cooper.

After 6 years in the Art Rental & Sales Department, Karen Cooper, AGGV AR&S Consultant is retiring.  Karen is thrilled to pass the baton to our new AGGV Art Rental & Sales Coordinator, Erin Cooper.

Take a look as they share a few words about this new transition in our energetic and wildly popular Art Rental & Sales Department:

Karen Cooper: After a short time working side by side with Erin Cooper, I am even more convinced that she is the absolute right person to take over Art Rental and Sales! We have had so much fun connecting with clients, old and new, we have installed new work in the departure lounge at the airport, picked up, delivered and installed a painting purchased from the display on the main level of the airport, set up a new show and opening event for Linny D Vine, visited an artist studio to select new works, assisted as part of the jury committee for the Paint In, packaged and shipped paintings to Washington, met with a movie crew, and are working on a presentation for a new client. I think at this point she has been introduced to just about every part of her new position.  Well, Erin, how does it feel so far?

Erin Cooper: Well, I couldn’t imagine entering this job any other way.  Being thrown into the deep end is a good way to learn to swim. Karen is an excellent mentor – she has put a lot of thought into bringing all the different tasks to my attention. Karen and I have learned that we both value the relationships we build with the artists and clients, alike.  It’s an exciting time for the AGGV and I’m thrilled to join the team.

Karen Cooper, AGGV Art Rental & Sales Consultant, with Erin Cooper, AGGV Art Rental & Sales Coordinator.

KC: We are so happy to welcome you to the team!  Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you find yourself at the AGGV?

EC: I was born and raised here in Victoria and started coming to the Gallery as a child. I’ve always been drawn towards art and artists. I love to be submersed in culture and to learn the process behind the work. I find artists and art lovers to be intriguing people. I come to the position of Art Rental and Sales Coordinator with 30 years experience as an entrepreneur in the fashion business. I’ve made a mark in Victoria as co-owner of the clothing boutiques Reunion and Bernstein & Gold, where we did have the occasional art opening.

KC: What’s in store for the AR&S department moving forward?

EC: I feel lucky to land at AGGV, where I can align my people skills with my interest in art. I’m enthusiastic to support local artists as well as enhance people’s life with art.  Going forward I would like to bring more awareness to our wonderful program that is chock-full of local, original art.

When visiting AGGV be sure to find Erin Cooper in the Massey Gallery to have a look at the fantastic local artwork, or just say ‘hello’. Karen Cooper will continue to consult in the AR&S department, where you can find her once a week.

The Art Rental and Sales Department is always free and open to the public.  You can view our online Gallery of artworks by local artists, or feel free to book an appointment to browse in-person by emailing Erin at artrentalandsales@aggv.ca


Feature Image: Erin Cooper, courtesy of the AGGV.