Since 1987, the AGGV has had the pleasure of hosting the Art Gallery Paint-In, bringing together local artists, community organizations, and the local community for what has grown to become Vancouver Island’s largest free arts festival, and year after year, it’s our amazing volunteers who are at the heart of it all. 


AGGV Public Programs Coordinator, Natalie Rollins, shares her experience bringing this ceramics workshop to life, the value of learning in the Gallery, as well as the many benefits of getting your hands in the clay.

AGGV Gallery Shop Reading List: Mindfulness & Slowing Down

By John Manson, Gallery Shop Coordinator

The theme of the Gallery Shop Reading list this quarter is Living in the Present Moment. Inspired by In the Present Moment (our recent publication in collaboration with Haema Sivanesan and Figure-1 Publishing), this list presents books that ask readers to slow down and be more mindful and aware of their surroundings.

10 Things To Know About Yixing Stoneware

By Audrey Wang, AGGV Volunteer

Yixing wares are so called after the Yixing kilns in Jiangsu province in China, for which the region is famous. The brown and red stonewares are known as zisha (‘purple sand’) in Chinese.

Art Quiz: Vessels & Their Uses

What on earth could that be? The AGGV’s permanent collection houses a variety of interesting and unusual vessels from around the world. What were the function of these items? Test your knowledge in our quiz!

Wild Ceramics from the AGGV’s Collection

By Marina DiMaio, AGGV Marketing Assistant 

In our ongoing celebration of the AGGV’s striking ceramics collection, we searched high and low for some of our wildest ceramics. Get ready to discover some of the incredibly inventive ways the artists in our collection have reimagined and reinvigorated this essential, and innately transformable, material, of earth and water – taking us “back to the land”, through “the ills of the city”, and far off into the future!

Special Guests at Family Sunday

Family Sunday gives the AGGV a chance to showcase current exhibitions to young visitors and their families through hands-on activities. It also allows us to collaborate with some amazing community members who have so much to share, through their vocation, life experiences and vibrant personalities.

Encounter: Exploring & Art-Making at the AGGV

Encounter is a quarterly event developed by the AGGV Education Department to enhance learning and social opportunities for adults who love art and love talking about art. Participants discover new ideas and connections to art and through art, within the context of an exhibition on show at the Gallery.

Throw, Slip, Spin

The physicality of forming clay into ceramic vessels and sculpture is wonderfully evoked in the title of the exhibition Throw, Slip, Spin: Studio Ceramics from the AGGV Collection.