Say What? Art Terms For Beginners

Textile art encompasses a wide range of practices, some which date back millennia. The AGGV is privileged to have in its collection numerous textiles and related implements from Europe, but especially from Asia, in particular China and Japan. We have put together a list of terms found in textile art, defining them for easy comprehension. […]

Say What? Art Terms For Beginners, Part 5

Many art terms used conventionally in Western art history texts are in French, Italian or German, according to where or when the term was coined. Here, we will demystify some of this terminology! 1. Chiaroscuro From the Italian, chiaro meaning “light”, and scuro,“dark”. This term was developed during the Italian Renaissance and refers to the artist’s […]

Say What? Art Terms for Beginners, Part 4

1. Allover Composition An allover picture refers to a two-dimensional work that lacks a dominant focal point and where the canvas is covered entirely with a composition that is treated uniformly. The term “allover picture” was first used by art critic Clement Greenberg in his 1948 essay “The Crisis of the Easel Picture”, in reference to “decentralized” […]