Installation Art


City of Victoria Artist in Residence, Kemi Craig’s immersive and interactive installation in partnership with Hololabs, sparks conversations, challenges perceptions, and transports viewers into an experiential underwater landscape. The Greater Victoria Public Library is offering a reading list that will help you dive even deeper.


Crossing: Art, Heritage and Personal Journeys opened on the Lunar New Year, February 10, and by no coincidence. Crossing delves into the intricate narratives of three local artists, who, along with their families, embarked on transformative journeys from Asia to Canada. 

AGGV Collections Team & Travelling Shows

With the recent opening of To Talk With Others, organized by the Yukon Arts Centre, the AGGV Collections team discusses the challenges and processes that go into a travelling exhibition.

Following the Film Path with Young & Giroux

Enter the darkened Centennial Gallery at the AGGV and vicariously experience what it would be like to travel as a virtual camera moving around the sculptural looping installation that has been constructed out of tubular steel in the centre of the room. Film Path/Camera Path with under-titles is a conceptual multi-media artwork that combines the moving images of film with a sculptural expansion of a 35mm projector.

Blue Skies: Megan Dickie

Opening at the Gallery in June is a body of new work by Victoria-based artist Megan Dickie. Blue Skies features video and sculpture installation that resist easy interpretations.

Minimalism in Singapore: Experiencing More of Less

By Audrey Wang, AGGV Volunteer

The exhibition Minimalism: Space. Light. Object. featured more than 150 works by artists from Europe, America, Australia and Asia, with the intention to document the history of this art movement that continues to inform the visual arts and contemporary practitioners today.

The Art of the Install

As a photographer, installing Fiona Tan: Ascent gave me the chance to think about images and videography in a new light, you know… to step back, reconsider and reimagine. Spending time with Fiona Tan’s work this week has broadened my understanding of the collective importance of Mount Fuji and I am humbled to have been a part of this exhibit. – Corey Bryson, AGGV Preparator/Technician.

Views of Mount Fuji

On March 9, the AGGV celebrates two separate, but related, exhibitions that memorialize Mount Fuji and its manifestations in the Japanese and non-Japanese aesthetic.