Month: September 2020

Say What? Art Terms For Beginners, Part 14

This edition of Art Terms will focus on the various techniques and terminology in printmaking. The AGGV has substantial holdings of prints from North America, Europe and Asia.

Werk it! Exercise and Art

By Regan Shrumm, AGGV Assistant Curator

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it can be hard to stay motivated on the things we use to enjoy, such as staying in touch with friends, making art, and working out.

Artist In Our Collection: Tony Hunt, Sr.

By Audrey Wang, AGGV Volunteer

Tony Hunt, Sr. (1942-2017) was a renowned artist, famous for his KwaGulth style paintings and the cedar wood carvings and totem poles he created which reflected the stories, kinship and connection of his people with the land.

Studio News

By Oona McClure, AGGV Studio Coordinator

When our spring 2020 art camp was unexpectedly cut short and our spring classes cancelled we put on our ol’ thinking caps and started to reimagine what our longstanding and well-loved program could look like under the light of COVID-19. 

Summer at the AGGV: Pandemic Edition

By Cate Wareing-Oksanen, AGGV Events Engagement Assistant

“We’ll meet outside the Gallery, grab some coffee, and find a nice place in the park to spread out. Is it okay if Ellen brings her dog?”

This was my introduction to working at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. Almost two months after the province shut down and jobs for students all but dissolved, I was brought on as a summer student for a dream position at The AGGV. From the get go, the requirement of working remotely meant that I was walking into a position that was new to both me and to the Gallery. Since then, working online has opened up a realm of opportunities that I could never have anticipated.

10 Things To Know About Yixing Stoneware

By Audrey Wang, AGGV Volunteer

Yixing wares are so called after the Yixing kilns in Jiangsu province in China, for which the region is famous. The brown and red stonewares are known as zisha (‘purple sand’) in Chinese.

Around the Island Series Features Alexis Hogan’s Lichen

By Nicole Stanbridge, AGGV Curator of Engagement

As curators and public programmers we are often asked how projects come into being. The evolution of new initiatives are a slow build and the culmination of many conversations, merging of ideas, and listening.

Edo Japan In Full Colour

By Audrey Wang

The bustling metropolis of 18th-century Edo (now Tokyo) is rendered in vibrant colours in the AGGV’s extensive  collection of ukiyo-e woodblock prints. A veritable insight into life in the big city, the prints allow the viewer to live vicariously among the gentry or as the commoner, while celebrating the prosperity and the effervescence of Edo.