Month: December 2021

AGGV Gallery Shop Reading: Get Cozy & Stay Cozy

By John Manson, Gallery Shop Coordinator

Get Cozy and Stay Cozy is the theme of the Gallery Shop Reading list this quarter. A great way to relax and get comfortable amid unpredictable winter weather is to curl up with a good book. These titles are all available in the Gallery Shop and are compelling reads for art lovers to enjoy this winter.

Collaborative GIF Mosaic: Building a New Inventory

By Marina DiMaio, Digital & Print Assets Coordinator

Howie Tsui’s solo exhibition Retainers of Anarchy has come and gone from the AGGV Galleries, but the artist’s immersive storytelling environments continue to live on in a digital installation on our website — through a Collaborative GIF Mosaic!

Inspired by Tsui’s referential video collage, Threading Needles through the Pupil, previously installed in the exhibition, this Collaborative GIF Mosaic offers the opportunity for artists and anyone from the community to engage with Tsui’s interest in visual sampling, memory and nostalgia which permeate his recent media work.

Dear Indigenous Child

By Ross Neasloss Jr. (Kitasoo Xai Xai’s Nation)

The Holding Ground exhibit, has been a monumental experience for me. Working with so many Indigenous folks from all across turtle island. We met bi-weekly to share stories, and hold space for our deep emotions and connections to the land and each other. Along with my personal journey of land based healing, I received some wonderful words and messages during those times. These messages I got, I do not carry lightly, as they deserve to be held with care and compassion.

Say What? Art Terms For Beginners, Part 19

The current exhibition The Places We Live In considers the many ways artists interpret the natural world around them, from the micro to the macro. The range of works featured here is equally varied! This issue of Art Terms takes a few wide-ranging, unrelated, examples from this exhibition.

Making Meaning Through Art Making

By Oona McClure, Studio Coordinator

We recognize that making art is rather magical. It provides exceptional opportunities to build skills, create connections, boost confidence, explore ideas, and express feelings. It also offers a space to learn about ourselves and others as well as fostering meaning and inspiration.

Intimate Pedagogies in the Feminist Art Field School

By Dani Neira

I took the Feminist Art Field School from my kitchen table. I’d watch the weekly conversation as I cooked myself spaghetti, have my morning coffee during our synchronous Thursday sessions, and talk lesbian haunted houses over drinks with friends. My kitchen table, a place I associate with nourishment, care, and conversation, became the intimate space through which I learned.

Places We Live In: An Artists Feature

The exhibition Places We Live In delves deep into the natural world, our place in it and its place in us, from the point of view of artists in the AGGV’s permanent collection. In this article, we will look at a few of the Canadian artists featured in this exhibition, whose works impel us to look closely at the microcosm of life on earth, to look up to the sky and vast cosmos above us, and to look around at our natural surroundings that support life on earth.

10 Things To Know About Decorative Themes in Chinese Blue and White Porcelain

By Audrey Wang, AGGV Volunteer

With its origins in China, this quarter’s column of “10 Things To Know” will look at Chinese blue and white porcelain and its myriad decorative themes. Behind every design element are symbolic meanings relevant to the maker or to the eventual owner of the piece. What does each theme signify and what does that tell us about the piece?

The Art of the Install: Finding Flow When Hanging Art

Although learning the art of installation can take some time to get comfortable with, it doesn’t need to be daunting! In November, the AGGV’s Art Rental & Sales Consultant Karen Cooper spoke to a group of gallery community members, breaking down the ins and outs of hanging artwork and how to gain confidence in your install. Now you can learn too! Here, Karen shares her advice and experience as to the art of the install.

Celebrating Emily Carr’s 150th Birth Anniversary

By Audrey Wang, AGGV Volunteer

December 13th, 2021, marks the 150th anniversary of Emily Carr’s birth. Beyond this commemoration, the AGGV’s exhibition Emily Carr: Seeing + Being Seen features artworks that carry significance that is as relevant today as they were nearly a century ago when they were first made.