Offsite Insight

Around the Island Series Features Alexis Hogan’s Lichen

By Nicole Stanbridge, AGGV Curator of Engagement

As curators and public programmers we are often asked how projects come into being. The evolution of new initiatives are a slow build and the culmination of many conversations, merging of ideas, and listening.

Family Sunday Does Kidlandia!

For the first time ever the AGGV’s popular all-ages event, Family Sunday, appeared “pop-up” style at Kidlandia September 14-16.

Forest Breath: A Portrait in Progress

By Regan Shrumm, AGGV Assistant Curator

Many of the artworks in Supernatural: Art, Technology and the Forest are located on Vancouver Island, including Ian Wallace’s Clayoquot Protest, Mike McLean’s Jorden River series, and Leila Sujir’s Forest Breath. But seeing the forest through the medium of photography is a different experience from actually entering the forest. Or virtually seeing the forest through a stereoscopic video for that matter.

Moving Change by Brendan Fernandes

The text messages came fast and furious starting Wednesday morning inviting participants to the open rehearsal and talk, then gradually over the weekend, revealing the three secret locations for performances of Moving Change by Brendan Fernandes.