Walter J. Phillips

Artist In Our Collection: Walter J. Phillips

Phillips’ work was greatly influenced by his surroundings, first in Manitoba, then in Alberta. The landscapes of these provinces – prairie and mountain views – dominate his oeuvre, which of course also included landscapes of his home country of England and places he visited on his travels.

Japonism: From the Impressionists to Walter J. Phillips

By Audrey Wang, Marketing Volunteer

In art, the term “Japonisme” (from the French) was coined by the French art critic Philippe Burty in 1872, to describe the influence of Japanese art on the fine and decorative arts, sculpture, architecture and the performing arts of Western culture.

Views of Mount Fuji

On March 9, the AGGV celebrates two separate, but related, exhibitions that memorialize Mount Fuji and its manifestations in the Japanese and non-Japanese aesthetic.