Marianne Nicolson

Beyond The Walls: Art as a Complex Social Effort

Although not always visible, the AGGV is often supporting ongoing projects that extend well beyond its walls. One such project is Wa’witłala: The Pervasiveness of Water/Cannot Go Against the Tide.

Water Work Space

Join us as we explore issues related to the vast and mighty topic that is WATER. Water as a resource; water as a conduit of trade, exchange, and colonization; water and climate change. The AGGV’s upcoming Water Work Space exhibition functions much like a Research and Development Department – part workshop, part exhibition space.

Powerful Pictures: Representation & Storytelling

The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria is committed to high quality educational programming. We launched the Teacher Resource Guide in September, and since then, our Gallery educators Sherry Willing and Jen Van de Pol have been busy facilitating 1/2 day workshops in participating schools along with guest artists Alexis Hogan and April Russell.