Herbert Siebner

Places We Live In: An Artists Feature

The exhibition Places We Live In delves deep into the natural world, our place in it and its place in us, from the point of view of artists in the AGGV’s permanent collection. In this article, we will look at a few of the Canadian artists featured in this exhibition, whose works impel us to look closely at the microcosm of life on earth, to look up to the sky and vast cosmos above us, and to look around at our natural surroundings that support life on earth.

Art Quiz: Souvenirs of Travel

With travel off the table for the time being, our Art Quiz this quarter brings you on a journey to Europe to whet your appetite for when we can once again travel for leisure.

Views of Victoria in the AGGV Collection

The varied land and seascapes around Victoria have provided inspiration to artists for hundreds of years. Can you identify where these locales are in the paintings, drawings and photographs below from the AGGV Collection?

Curator’s Vision: Close To Home

By Audrey Wang, AGGV Volunteer In our last issue of the emagazine, our article “Powerful Stories Close To Home” related […]