New Extreme 2017: Artist Jesse Campbell Mentors Students from Arbutus Global Middle School

Image above: Arbutus Global Middle School – young artists who created the Gallery’s new “Honouring” mural with local artist Jesse Campbell, as part of the New Extreme program. From January to April 2017, young artists from Arbutus Global Middle School, the Pacific School of Innovation and Inquiry (PSII) and Victoria’s Home Learning Community worked with local artists Jesse […]

Meiji Architecture Enshrined in the AGGV Garden

Nestled in the AGGV garden amidst bamboo and Japanese maple is the only known Meiji-era Shinto shrine in North America. Completed in 1899, the 33rd year of the Meiji period, this family shrine was built by the Hayashi family and was located in Hanami. In 1921, the people of Hanami were instructed by the government of […]

Members Spotlight

Aileen McConnell LEVEL: Curator’s Circle MEMBER SINCE: 2011 HOW WE MET HER: “I was introduced to Aileen by her Metchosin neighbour, June Sohuus, who mentioned that she had a wonderful work by William Kurelek which might be suitable for our upcoming show of the artist. Aileen not only lent us this wonderful painting for the exhibition […]