Associates Book Club News

By Laura Dempsey

For our October meeting, we had chosen two books: On the Curve, the life and art of Sybil Andrews by Janet Nicol and Artists in their Studios: where art is born by Robert Amos. The fifteen Associates who were in attendance were treated to a wonderful discussion and personal anecdotes about Sybil Andrews and some of the artists featured in the Amos book. We were also able to view again the short documentary about Sybil Andrews prepared for the AGGV and three of her linocut prints.

The November Book Club meeting focused on the Limners – the collective group of painters, ceramicists, sculptors and other visual artists established in Victoria in 1971. Special guests were the two surviving members of the Limners – Carole Sabiston and Pat Martin Bates who shared stories and memories of the founding of the Limners Society, their meetings, their philosophy and their wonderful parties.

Carole and Pat shared the story of how Carole came to join the Limners in 1984. One could only be invited to join with the consensus of the Limner members. There was no application process and the artists had no common manifesto but shared friendship and camaraderie and planned group exhibitions together.
The Book Club members had all read different books about one or more of the Limners. Each was able to ask questions that elicited more wonderful stories.

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Original article from the Gallery Associates Happenings newsletter, Dec. 2019-Jan.2020, Vol. 7 No.3, Joan Shimizu, Editor, and Charlene Brown, Editor, Layout & Production.

Image (left to right): Book club planners Casey Sunderland, Laura Dempsey, Pam Allen and Lynne Woodruff, greet their guests Carole Sabiston and Pat Martin Bates (centre).