Making Meaning Through Art Making

By Oona McClure, Studio Coordinator


We recognize that making art is rather magical. It provides exceptional opportunities to build skills, create connections, boost confidence, explore ideas, and express feelings. It also offers a space to learn about ourselves and others as well as fostering meaning and inspiration.

With all that in mind and in order to keep AGGV Studio instructors and learners safe and healthy, there have been some adaptations to the program. Such adaptations include small class sizes, individual art kits and creating a more spacious physical environment. However the ingredients that fuel the classes are still firmly in place. We still want to connect you with new ideas, materials and techniques along with fostering your confidence and experimentation with the creative process.

Whether you are a preschooler attending a workshop with a caregiver or an adult reigniting an artistic desire, our passionate instructors are there to facilitate a space that supports and cultivates your creative voice.

Classes include activities and projects that are rich in the process of art making enabling learners to explore in a manner that encourages curiosity, thoughtfulness, and self-reflection. Likewise when classes take a walk through Gallery exhibits they are provided with a unique chance to critically examine, be inspired and even challenged by the artwork on exhibit. Asking questions about why, what and how we express our thoughts, feelings and ideas is not only artistically significant but it gives us a chance to pause and reflect on who we are and what is happening (or happened) in our world. Making meaning with art making is something that can be done in big or little ways, with moments of laughter or discomfort, and even with traditional or novel materials.

As the winter season unfolds, we warmly welcome you to the Studio and invite you to partake in some magical art making.

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