Nestled within the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria lies a hidden gem - a haven of creative activity for children and adults alike: The AGGV Studio. Meghan Krauss, AGGV Studio Coordinator, shares her excitement about the amazing Art Camps for kids, tweens and teens coming up this Summer!

This summer, the studio will be offering summer art camps for children, tweens, and teens. What sets these summer art camps apart from any other camps in the area? It’s not just a place to create and have fun; camps are an immersive journey into the heart of artistic inspiration, deeply intertwined with AGGV’s renowned Gallery space.

When campers step into the AGGV studio, they will immediately be enveloped in an atmosphere alive with creative energy. Unlike conventional art camps for youth, the AGGV Studio is a hub where art and inspiration from our current exhibitions seamlessly intertwine. From their very own sketchbooks to the variety of materials and processes they will be invited to explore, the influence of our exhibitions is palpable, with each project acting as a catalyst for inspired exploration, providing campers with a distinctive opportunity to interact with art in a hands-on, personal manner.

What truly distinguishes the AGGV Studio art camps is its intimate relationship with the Gallery’s extensive collection and exhibitions. Campers don’t just observe art; they become part of it, exploring their creativity and unleashing their imagination in ways they never thought possible. This unique connection extends to the studio’s access to AGGV’s Gallery space. Through guided tours with our educators and behind-the-scenes access, campers gain invaluable insights into the inspirations, techniques, and stories behind the art on display. It’s a rare opportunity to see the world through the eyes of the artists themselves, bridging the gap between the camper and creative in a truly transformative way.

AGGV Studio is dedicated to fostering the next generation of artists through engaging summer camps. These camps provide hands-on classes tailored to kids, tweens and teens, creating a supportive environment where they can explore their artistic talents and cultivate a lifelong love for creativity and self-expression. What’s truly remarkable is the sense of freedom and experimentation within the studio’s walls. This summer, campers will be encouraged to push the boundaries, uninhibited by constraints. The supportive environment fostered in AGGV Studio allows creativity to flourish like never before, making it a place where artistic expression knows no bounds. The small camp sizes allow opportunity for lots of one-on-one support from our art educators, who encourage risk-taking and advice for campers to consider. The small class size also allows each camper to explore their own unique responses to the artworks in the Gallery spaces- there are no cookie cutter art projects here.

This summer, every brushstroke will tell a story where children’s ideas and imaginations come to life.


Written by Meghan Krauss, AGGV Studio Coordinator


Interested in signing up your little creatives? Space is limited, so register now so your child is part of this one-of-a kind art camp experience.