AGGV Public Programs Coordinator, Natalie Rollins, shares her experience bringing this ceramics workshop to life, the value of learning in the Gallery, as well as the many benefits of getting your hands in the clay.

I began dreaming up a series of ceramics workshops at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria last December. Recognizing the AGGV’s extensive ceramic collection, and the great appreciation for ceramic works across the South Vancouver Island, I envisioned a clay skill-building workshop for the community that offered fertile opportunities to further explore art-making and artworks in the same setting.

Image Credit: Courtesy of the AGGV

What sets this workshop series apart is that participants will have the incredible access to the Gallery’s exceptional collection. The AGGV boasts an impressive collection of over 23,000 artworks, and 16% are ceramics. Imagine drawing inspiration from centuries-old ceramics, each piece telling its own story through intricate designs and patterns. This rare chance to engage closely with our collection will undoubtedly spark your creativity and enhance your artistic journey.

Image Credit: Courtesy of the AGGV

One of the most exciting aspects of our workshop is the direct inspiration drawn from our gallery’s collection. Participants will receive prompts based on the exquisite blue and white wares and other artworks, allowing them to explore new themes and styles in their creations. In the new permanent collection exhibition, A View From Here (AVFH), participants will have opportunities to look deeper at the extraordinary work of Kent Monkman’s Watercolor Study for Constellation of Knowledge, Brendan Tang’s Mang Ormolu Version 5.0o, as well as pieces from the exhibition’s dedicated space focusing on our Asian art collection, which was curated by the AGGV’s Asian Art Curator, Dr. Heng Wu.

Image Credit: Courtesy of the AGGV

“To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves.”
– Mahatma Gandhi

Image Credit: Courtesy of the AGGV

This workshop series is designed for beginners and curious artists. Over the course of several weeks, participants will delve into the art of hand-building, guided by the talented loc, Amanda Marie. As a practicing ceramic artist, Amanda brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the workshop, ensuring a comprehensive and enriching learning experience. Each session is structured to build upon the previous one, from basic techniques to diverse approaches and building methods, all taught in a supportive and creative environment.

Image Credit: Courtesy of the AGGV

The benefits of joining our ceramics workshop extends beyond the technical skills you’ll acquire. Many attendees share that they feel rejuvenated by working with clay. Aided by Amanda’s incredible facilitation and playful approach, the workshop becomes a supportive collective learning community.

We look forward to seeing you at the gallery and helping you create your next masterpiece!


Written by Natalie Rollins, AGGV Public Programs Coordinator


Don’t miss this unparalleled opportunity to explore the art of ceramics in a setting that blends historical inspiration with modern creativity. Our first workshop series filled up quickly. If you’d like to be notified the next time we have a workshop or learning event, reach out to Natalie Rollins at

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Feature Image: Ceramics in the Courtyard Workshop participants getting their hands dirty.