Notes from the AGGV Studio

By Oona McClure, AGGV Studio Coordinator

This summer, the AGGV Studio developed an exciting program called ‘Invitation to Create’. The idea centered on connecting the Studio with families near and far, by offering some simple and engaging creative prompt or art-making activity. The activities are a fun opportunity to nurture the creative imagination and celebrate the joy of self-expression, inquiry, and discovery. At the beginning of each week (Mondays starting July 5) the invitations were released and were free to access and download. The invitations will remain up on the website into the fall, so if you haven’t checked them out yet, there is still time. The Studio instructors loved creating these little invitations and certainly infused them with their own unique creative ideas. We hope you find the opportunity to try one out yourself!

Many Mini Mountains, from Invitation To Create

Registration is also open for our fall 2021 in-person programming.  We are thrilled to continue offering programming in-person at our Studio using a robust (and creative) safety plan. This October and November we have a brand new mix of classes for adults.  Check out the Artful series to see what April Caverhill will be offering – think bold and expressive projects that focus on self-confidence and sharing your creative voice.

Artful Naked Truth and Artful Shine Your Light

Oona McClure will also be running another set of ‘Create Together’ workshops (this fall we’ll be creating truly unique paintings on unstretched canvas) which are private art gatherings for up to 4 to 5 participants. These workshops are a perfect opportunity for family and friends to spend time together. And best part? The mess stays at the Studio!

Nature Collage

Thanks to all that participated along with us this summer — we look forward to continuing to create together, into the fall! For all the details and to register for our current and upcoming programs, please take a peek at our website.

Featured Image: Chalk Resist, from Invitation To Create.