Member Spotlight

Alan Tompson




“I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Alan and Anne Tompson when I first arrived in Victoria in 2009.  They were such a charming couple, passionate about the arts and full of opinions and stories of their fascinating life together.  Anne and Alan regularly dropped in to visit with Gallery staff and they would always brighten our day. We were deeply saddened when Anne passed away in 2011 – Alan dedicated a bench in Beacon Hill Park to her which I often pass by walking to work.  Alan and I still get together for breakfast or lunch at the James Bay Inn and he never fails to surprise me with his reflections of his life before, during and after World War II.” Jon Tupper, Director.

Q: What motivated you to become a member of the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria?
A: “The AGGV is a gallery that after visiting it, one is drawn back again and again to visit, until it becomes a part of one’s life. It is important to maintain this jewel for future generations. Victoria is so fortunate to have this unique Gallery that has and does provide so much interest and pleasure for many of all ages, thanks to the dedicated Gallery staff and the many volunteers.”

Q: What sparked your interest in the arts?
A: “My late wife Anne and I enjoyed many years supporting the arts. We inspired each other and together we were members of the AGGV for years – I still am today.”

Q: What exhibition/program have you recently enjoyed at the Gallery?
A: “Since Anne has passed, I haven’t visited as much as I did with her. However, the AGGV has so much to offer people in the way of exhibitions, lectures, talks, art tours and functions. There is always something going on.”

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