Education Programs

Intimate Pedagogies in the Feminist Art Field School

By Dani Neira

I took the Feminist Art Field School from my kitchen table. I’d watch the weekly conversation as I cooked myself spaghetti, have my morning coffee during our synchronous Thursday sessions, and talk lesbian haunted houses over drinks with friends. My kitchen table, a place I associate with nourishment, care, and conversation, became the intimate space through which I learned.

School Workshop, Snapshot: Mandalas, Music and Movement

By Alex Chen

“I don’t sing.” That’s what a majority of students admitted to me during a school workshop.  However, perhaps to their surprise, by the end of our hour-long workshop, the students were not only using their voices and bodies to make art, they were taking chances expressing their artistic observations, collaborating with their peers, and having fun doing so! In this year’s iteration of the AGGV’s School Workshops, spanning October to December, Jennifer Van de Pol (AGGV Educator for School and Family Programs), a class of UVic Indigenous Education Students headed by Dr. Carmen Rodriguez de France, and myself visited young learners in schools across the Greater Victoria Area to delve into the works by local visual artist Dylan Thomas (Qwul’thilum) as well as my own artistic practice as a classical musician and opera artist in Victoria.

Middle School Students learn to DJ

Over the course of eight weeks, our music exploratory class of 8th grade students at Arbutus Global Middle School have been working in partnership with the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria on a DJ workshop under the guidance of Tera, also known as DJ Nova Jade.

Collective Grief, Collective Futures: Finding a Community

By Regan Shrumm, Assistant Curator, AGGV and Amy Smith, Community Engagement Coordinator, Legacy Art Gallery

For three Sundays in October, the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria and the Legacy Art Galleries held Collective Grief, Collective Futures. This series of discussions gave space for emerging artists to grief the losses that have been experienced during the pandemic and discuss methods of adapting to share a creative future.

Listener in Residence: Phoning Seniors Together

by Regan Shrumm, Assistant Curator of Art Gallery of Greater Victoria

In December 2018, Libby Oliver approached me with an idea inspired from a new movement of intergenerational living happening between arts organizations and care homes. She pitched a program where artists would help bridge the ever-expanding gap between young adults and seniors.

Werk it! Exercise and Art

By Regan Shrumm, AGGV Assistant Curator

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it can be hard to stay motivated on the things we use to enjoy, such as staying in touch with friends, making art, and working out.

Out of Crisis Comes Collaboration

By Nicole Stanbridge, Curator of Engagement

Field Trip: Art Across Canada is a new online initiative that emerged when galleries and museums across the country closed their doors in the wake of the pandemic.

How We Fit Together: A Mural for New Extreme

By Tasha Henry, Teacher at Cedar Hill Middle School.

As part of the New Extreme program, the wall of the Art Gallery building facing Moss Street gets a new mural installed every spring. This year, the group called Melanin Magic from Cedar Hill Middle School created the mural “How We Fit Together”, mentored by artist Andrea Searle.