AGGV Studio – A Space Where Creativity Flourishes

By Oona McClure, AGGV Studio Coordinator

There are certain words we seem to use repeatedly when talking about art-making. Express! Explore! Create! Such words are generally synonymous with the creative confidence of a child but at the AGGV Studio we say “Hey! Adults!” come celebrate your expressive exploratory creativity too. About 4 years ago we introduced the Artful series, a collection of classes and workshops for inquisitive adult learners. Artful classes provide fantastic opportunities to play with ideas and materials all while creating, learning, and being inspired by one another. This winter, we have another exciting selection of both in-person and online (via Zoom) Artful offerings from paper sculpting to textile mark-making.

In January 2021, we will be introducing Create Together, a series of in-person workshops where you can fuel your bubble’s creativity at the AGGV Studio. This winter our theme will be ‘printmaking’. During your bubble workshop, your instructor will show you a variety of printmaking techniques and guide you as you create some unique artwork together and individually. These private fun-filled art adventures will be available on select weekends for a limited time. We encourage you to register early to ensure a spot. The best part? The mess stays at the Studio!

The AGGV Studio nurtures togetherness through art-making and we warmly invite learners of all ages to foster their own magical creative voice and embrace the playful process of exploring their imagination in one of our fun-filled classes. We hope to keep you connected with art-making and each other through in-person classes and online art experiences.

For current and upcoming programming, including our COVID-19 safety plan, please take a peek at: