What We Wonder: Art and Poetry by Young Learners

The majestic imagery of Supernatural: Art, Technology and the Forest has served as inspiration for numerous intriguing projects by young learners at the Gallery. Over the summer, youths of all ages have gleaned something from this exhibition, from learning about BC’s natural resources to emulating the artists in their art projects. Supernatural also formed the basis on which young writers refined their storytelling skills in a writing workshop for high-school-age students, Using Art as a Stimulus for Writing. 

In August, a group of children, aged 3 to 5, from the Camas Early Years Centre, attended an Exploration Workshop with AGGV educator, Emily Holden. They were evidently very taken by Kelly Richardson’s The Erudition. Back at daycare, the children collaborated on an art piece and a poem, inspired by their experience of Richardson’s video installation.

“What We Wonder”


Do Trees love?

How do they love?

What is your name, Tree?


They need roots to talk to us.

We need roots attached to us.

What is your name, Tree?

Why do you make sap?

Why is it sticky?

What is your name, Tree?


We think Trees don’t like to be made fun of.

We think, like us, they want to live.

We think that wood is special; hard and delicate.

Trees make us think if love.


By August, Alma, Amelia, Vida, Keenan, Harper, Griffin, Mya, Adrienne, Bruce, Ross, Simone, Otto, Auley, Simon, Elay, Chloe, Mayaan, Owen, Anu, Wendy, Dan, Genevieve, Gabe, Eryn, Lindsay and Morgan

Feature image: Artwork by the young learners at Camas Early Years Centre

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