Our Studio Coordinator, Oona McClure, brings a deep love and respect for creative exploration and artistic communication to her work as an artist, educator and art therapist. Oona views the art-making process as an enriching place for imagination, enquiry, empowerment, and relational connection. Nurturing a relentless interest in art has led Oona to work at a variety of art institutions and organizations across Canada. Oona lives in Victoria and enjoys getting her hands messy with paint.

“As Studio Coordinator, I am passionate about fostering a supportive environment for artistic exploration and deeply value the moments of joy, discovery and empowerment expressed through art-making. The Studio program at the AGGV is in a unique and fortunate position to have unparalleled access to Gallery exhibits providing participants an enriched learning experience that supports critical inquiry, creative processes and nurtures an appreciation for art and culture. The Studio program is facilitated through the work of talented instructors who enjoy building meaningful connections with participants and offering engaging activities for various interests and skill levels. The Studio welcomes all members of the local community and recognizes its meaningful position as a supporter of co-learning, inclusivity and diversity.”

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