Exciting new arrivals for our Studio this Spring! Oona McClure, our longstanding Studio Coordinator, is taking some time off to welcome her newest creation, a baby. Oona is excited to combine motherhood and art in the near future; we look forward to seeing this unfold in and outside the Studio. As such we are delighted to introduce April Caverhill as the interim Studio Coordinator. April will be a familiar face for many of our learners, young and old(er) as she is a seasoned Studio instructor. Local artists, Meghan Krauss and Mitchell Villa, will also be part of our Spring program and we hope you get the chance to be part of one of their engaging classes or camps. From everyone in the Studio, we wish you a sunny season full of creative art-making and hope to see you at the AGGV Studio Exhibition to be held May 10 -17, 2018 in the Massey Sales Gallery.

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