Meet Andria Winters, the AGGV's new Gallery Shop Coordinator. Andria is excited to step into her role here and we are just as excited to have her here! Here's our chance to get to know her better.

Absolutely thrilled to be part of the AGGV, Andria is already making a difference!  She is busy purchasing, configuring and preparing to welcome visitors from the island and abroad.

A long-time islander, Andria has an extensive professional background in sales and retail, having owned and operated her own consignment shop, as well as travelling the island as a territory manager. Focused primarily on the natural health and wellness sector, Andria is passionate about local organic food and living synergistically with our natural environment.

Defined as an artist in flux, writer to be, giver of free hugs, confessed chocoholic, hopeful romantic and lover of laughter, Andria is a sought-after BC wedding officiant and is grateful that she can celebrate creativity at the gallery and love via weddings.

“I want to welcome you, your friends and family to visit the shop to see what new treasures can be added to your collection!”

And if you’ve ever thought about having your work in the AGGV Gallery Shop, Andria has a special message for you:

“A new coordinator means new life, new vision and more importantly NEW ART!

The Gallery Shop is in ‘level-up’ mode and the goal is to inject new life into the Gallery Shop.  In celebrating diversity,  we want to encourage local artisans and their creative expressions by revamping our inventory to include and support more local Indigenous and Asian artists. This will be the direction of the Gallery shop in the summer months.

BC’s west coast is incredibly talented, boasting extraordinarily creative folks who are motivated to blend art and business.  WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!

When considering new artisans for consignment at the Gallery Shop, we look at quality of work, social media presence, and willingness to push oneself to become an inspiring artist.  Please get in touch – you could be the next addition to our shop among and long list of other amazing creatives!”


Contact Andria Winters, Gallery Shop Coordinator, via email at to begin a dialogue.


Feature Image: Courtesy of Andria Winters, AGGV Gallery Shop Coordinator.