By Cassia Powell, AGGV Digital Marketing Assistant

Sitting in the corner of the Symbiosis gallery space sits two chairs atop a lush, green carpet akin to moss in a forest; a small workstation surrounded by books and illustrations becomes a small haven to participate with the surrounding works. One of the major takeaways from current exhibition Symbiosis is a communal activity that renders the gallery-goer to also become an active artist within the show.

Piles of illustrations have accumulated over the past few months, as encouraged by co-curators Mel Granley and Jaimie Isaac, of all sorts of mushrooms and fungi inspired by the exhibition. Viewers are welcomed to share their artworks to showcase the intrinsic communal feeling inspired by our favourite symbiotic fungal friends.

Below is a small showcase of some of those artistic musings from our community of artists and gallery visitors.


Symbiosis runs until October 29, 2023.  Curated by Mel Granley and Jamie Isaac.
To learn more about the exhibition, visit our website.

Feature Image: Anonymous illustration from Symbiosis.