Say What? Art Terms For Beginners, Part 2

Conceptual Art The term ‘concept art’ came into use in the early 1960s and became defined as an art movement around the late 60s. Conceptual art is a transformative art form whereby the idea (or concept) behind the work takes precedence over the actual finished artwork itself. By challenging art as an individual expression, conceptual […]

An Artist’s Studio in Chinatown: Interviews with Lynda Gammon & Todd Lambeth

Pictured: Lynda Gammon | Studio Pictures (562 Fisgard) | 1983-1989 | Polaroid photographic prints | Purchased with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts Acquisition Grants program and the George and Lola Kidd BC Art Acquisitions Fund, 2016. Entering through the bright red door tucked amidst a bustling Asian grocery store, a Chinese bakery […]

Close To Home: Local and Regional Artists in the AGGV Collection

The exhibition Close To Home may be regarded as an extension of another exhibition at the AGGV, Moving Forward By Looking Back. Both shows examine the Gallery’s collecting policy that was put into place by Colin Graham, the institution’s first director, who played a vital role in establishing the AGGV. While the exhibition Moving Forward By […]

Powerful Pictures: Representation & Storytelling

The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria is committed to high quality educational programming. We launched the Teacher Resource Guide in September, and since then, our Gallery educators Sherry Willing and Jen Van de Pol have been busy facilitating 1/2 day workshops in participating schools along with guest artists Alexis Hogan and April Russell.